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ms onefocus
ms onefocus
When contacting me please be sure to provide your portfolio if you donít have a portfolio selfies are fine, this is something I do require when providing TF image trade shoots. I only provide TF image trade shoots to models and only work in trade.

7 day a week scheduling availability and weekday mid-mornings shoots are great for modeling shoots.

When contacting me please refer to the location or how you came across me and what I offer, itís important to me to know how I have reached someone.

If you would like to work with me send me a note and let me know what genre or the shoot type you are interested in.

I am a mobile photographer; I primarily shoot outdoors on location but will accept indoor shoot requests when acceptable indoor locations are provided. I use my budget on equipment so I do not offer studios or rent locations. I do not provide MUAís or clothing/Wardrobes designers.

I am very skilled and enjoy shooting with both new aspiring models with little or no experience as well as very experienced models. Iím pretty easy going assisting new aspiring models with pose while allowing experienced models to showcase their talent.

I always provide the best that I can at all times and only offer the best locations I have found for modeling shoots. Some locations include:

The Dallas Downtown Graffiti

The Dallas Arboretum in Garland with both parking and entrance fee covered for you.

An Urban shoot in Addison

A Waterfall in Richardson

I have searched, found, researched, and evaluated many other locations in the DFW and surrounding areas of Dallas and North Dallas locations.

I can provide pro backdrops for professional style headshots for those who provide acceptable indoor locations because backdrops cannot be used outdoors. I offer multiple lights off camera flash and many other pieces of professional equipment that can accommodate many different types of shoots.

Some of the Genres and Venue I except are:

The Dallas Arboretum, Graffiti, Urban, Western, Country, Forestry, Streams, Lakes, Parks, National Parks and Wildlife Preserves, Personal Dwellings, Apartments, Personal Property (like front yards and back yard pools.), Poolside, Underwater, Fashion, Dance, Editorial, Cosplay, Fitness, Glamour, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Different versions of Nude, Performance Art, Pinup, Maternity, Pregnancy, Swimwear, and Bikini as well as many other shoot types and locations. If you want a certain shoot type simply request it, Iím here to help.


All of DFW is my canvas and I shoot in many of these cities located around the Dallas and surrounding areas.

Mediums Used:   7 Day A Week Scheduling Availability - Featured Shoots: Waterfall, Graffiti, The Dallas Arboretum and many other shoot locations. TF image trade shoots only.
Contact Information:
ms onefocus   ms.onefocus@gmail.com  
Seedling Ct Dallas ,  Texas   75287  
Wk 972-360-7441